About Ahote

The Ahote Sanitation Project (TASP)

TASP is a sanitation project that seeks to promote environmental sustainability through three key models: 1.Ennvirolead 2. Somnia Academy 3. Transite

1. Ennvirolead: Is centered around empowering youth leaders by educating them on the importance of conserving the environment and keeping it safe for life. We do this by introducing them to recycling and composting activities to help them understand practical ways of handling their waste

2. Somnia Academy: Sport has the power of bringing people together. With the Somnia Academy we aim at using sport to attract the youth into appreciating and understanding the need to combat climate change. This has been modelled around the values of teamwork, self-discipline and leadership. And it is aimed at nurturing transformational young change makers.

3. Transite: Transite promotes the habit of proper waste disposal by converting community dumpsite into safe playgrounds.


The motivation to start Ahote came when we noticed the growing plastic waste in the Berekuso community.



Mission and Vision

Instill the habit of proper waste disposal in the people of Berekuso.

Promote innovation in waste management.

Encourage environmental sustainability through recycling and composting.

Leverage on the power of Sports to organize the youth towards good sanitation practices.